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Property Inspection Report

Your Inspection Report

  • Is digitally imaged and computer generated
  • Includes high resolution color photos and descriptive narratives
  • Is easy to read, follow, and understand
  • Provides a comprehensive—objective—evaluation of the total property condition
  • Provides recommendations, suggested improvements and maintenance tips for your home ownership
  • Includes a convenient Report Summary page
  • Is available in a downloadable .pdf format via secure link—emailed within 24 hours of the inspection

The next business day after the inspection you will receive a copy of your report which will summarize the inspection in concise and easy to read format.

The Components in the house will be described, deficiencies identified and recommendations made.

At the end of the inspection we’ll go over the major deficiencies with you and perform a post-inspection walk through to further explain our findings, recommendations and answer all your questions to your satisfaction.

Sample Property Inspection Report[PDF]

Go green by having a paperless report     E-mailed to you by Fine Point Home Inspection.